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tv   CBS Evening News With Katie Couric  CBS  December 2, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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in fort worth, texas. the owner of the animal trio is a peace activist, who used his pals to make a point and spread his message of peace. >> meanwhile, they saying get off my back. that's it for tonight. we'll be back at 11:00. >> i'm denise koch. thanks for >> couric: tonight, the president's team hits capitol hill to defend sending more troops to afghanistan. and gets grilled about the timeline for pulling them out. >> that has not been made clear at all. >> couric: we'll ask the secretary of state. why start withdrawing troops after only 18 months? i'm katie couric. also tonight, those controversial new mammogram guidelines. the panel that made them stands by them under congressional fire. and an apology from tiger woods. new details of his accident, plus the phone message he left.
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>> hey, it's tiger... captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. the day after he announced he's sending 30,000 more troops to afghanistan, president obama dispatched a small army of top advisors to sell the plan to congress and the american people. and they drew fire from critics on both sides of the isle. about the number of troops he's ordering in, how long they'll be there and the cost. chip reid is at the white house tonight and, chip, the president is facing a tough battle in afghanistan and right here at home as well. >> he certainly is, katie. and this battle is going to be especially ugly with members of his own party. the full-court press began first thing this morning with vice president joe biden on all three broadcast networks. >> we're going to be a lot safer a lot more secure. >> reporter: earlier, biden
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argued against sending more troops to afghanistan but now that the president has decided to send 30,000 more, he's a topped a vat of the plan. the president also sent a high-powered sales force to capitol hill where they were on the defensive over the president's controversial order to start pulling troops out by july, 2011. >> i think that's the wrong impression to give our friends, it's the wrong impression to give our enemies, it's the wrong impression to give the men and women who want to go over there and win. >> reporter: despite misgivings, most republicans say they support the president's new war plan but many liberal democrats are already on the warpath. >> peace and security will not be found through a wider war. >> reporter: some hope to block funding for the troop increase expected to cost more than $30 billion a year. >> at a time when we were struggling to put americans back to work, we just can't afford to escalate a war that we need to be winding down. >> reporter: anti-war democrats insist that once the troops are in-- with or without a timeline-- some will be there
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longer than anyone in the administration has admitted. >> most military people think this operation goes on tone 20 years. while we would like to say we'll withdraw all troop from afghanistan, we'll keep troops in that theater for many years to come. >> reporter: the chairman of the joint chiefs denied that afghanistan will turn into an ever-expanding endless war. >> it's very clear this president has said it, the military leadership understands it and that this is not open-ended and we were not going to escalate. >> reporter: today some key democrats who oppose the president's war plan said that in the end there's virtually no chance they'll have the votes to stop it. katie? >> couric: chip reid at the white house. thank you, chip. in his address last night, president obama didn't just outline a new strategy for afghanistan, he redefined the u.s. mission there. from the pentagon, here's david martin. >> reporter: general mcchrystal, the commander in afghanistan, told his staff this morning "today is the first day of the
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rest of the war." >> there will be a lot of people who will question whether we can do it, there will be some who question whether we should do it but nobody should question from today on whether we will do it. >> reporter: but "it" does not mean defeat the taliban. defense secretary gates explained to congress the objective is simply to weaken the taliban and strengthen the afghans so they can take over the fight. >> the president's new strategic concept aims to reverse the taliban's momentum and reduce its strength. >> reporter: here's how the commandant of the marine corps explained it to troops fighting in the taliban heartland of helmand province. >> when we can turn this place over to afghan security forces, army and police, have a reasonable level of confidence in their government and their ability to run their country through whatever devices, we're out of here. >> reporter: the president's strategy lowers the bar for what u.s. troops must accomplish before they can come home, but it raises the bar for afghan troops who must start fighting for themselves.
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>> we have to build a fire under them, frankly, to get them to do the kind of recruitment, retention, training and so on for their forces that allow us to make this transition. >> reporter: july, 2011, marks the second anniversary of the start of major combat operations in helmand province and more troops are on the way. >> you're going to see about 9 additional marines flow in here pretty quick. >> reporter: if the troop surge isn't producing results by the summer of 2011, it may never work. >> if i came to conclude that we were bogged down and stalemated and we were sending young men and women into a mao with no purpose and no hope of success, i wouldn't sign any more of those orders. >> reporter: gates hates the term "exit strategy," but that's what this surge is-- go in hard, get out fast. katie? >> couric: david martin reporting from the pentagon. as always, david, thanks so much. so will afghanistan's army and police be up to the job by the
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time the u.s. starts pulling out? mandy clark tells us some afghans are skeptical, including at least one government official >> reporter: even before the new troops arrive, afghans are already concerned about the president's plan to bring home troops in 18 month's time. many here doubt afghanistan will be able to stand on its own by then. >> it could give the taliban and some other elements in this country the, the mafia, the drug lords and war lords the impression that, well, if the united states is interested in setting up a timeline and the withdrawal is, of course, imminent, they will wait it out and that may cause us problems later on. >> reporter: the new u.s. strategy also calls for talks with taliban members who are willing to lay down their arms. the taliban today dismissed that suggestion saying the american plan will give them an opportunity to increase their attacks. but many afghans feel reconciliation is the only way
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forward. "the war cannot be won by fighting," he says. "you can only win if you start a dialogue. that dialogue would be replaced by strong u.s.-trained afghan army which ultimately president obama hopes will replace u.s. forces. mandy clark, cbs news, bagram airfield afghanistan. >> after spending much of this day on capitol hill answering questions about the new strategy secretary of state hillary clinton answered some questions for us, we bebe gan with an issue that, as you just heard, is troubling to some afghans and members of congress. why start withdrawing u.s. troops just 18 months after the surge begins? >> i think there's been considerable misunderstanding about what the president said and what he meant. he said last night that our goal is to begin transferring responsibility for security and hopefully being able to bring some of our troops home starting
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in july 2011. but this is going to be done in a responsible way and based on the conditions as they are assessed. and we want to send a message of urgency to the people and government of afghanistan and others that they have to be part of making sure we go after al qaeda and their allies, which include a lot of the afghanistan taliban. >> couric: so is this a not-so-subtle message to hamid karzai that he better step up to the plate because the u.s. will not be there forever? >> well, i think that this is a very clear message to president karzai and to the rest of the afghan leadership. what has gone before hasn't been as effective as it needed to be and we want to have the afghan attention focused in a they will produce results. >> couric: senator mccain told me last night if u.s. troops leave afghanistan president karzai will be leaving shortly thereafter or find himself probably assassinated. what's your reaction to that? >> well, it's a tough
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neighborhood they live in. president karzai, who was one of the real stalwart heroes of the struggle against the soviet union and against the taliban and i think this is a new window of opportunity that he's ready to open in order to demonstrate leadership. >> couric: you made news recently when you called out the pakistani government for not being more aggressive against al qaeda in that country. how can the u.s. put pressure on the pakistani government to go after senior leaders of al qaeda who have reportedly found refuge there? >> the pakistani government has taken some important steps over the course of this past year that they were not taking before this administration came to office. they've gone after the pakistani extremists who've attacked them, attacked their military headquarters, their intelligence headquarters indiscriminately killed and maimed so many innocent people. the case we've been making to both the civilian and military
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leadership of pakistan is a simple one: there is no good terrorist. there is no terrorist that you can count on not to turn against you. >> couric: the price tag for sending these additional troops, $30 billion for the first year. how will you pay for it? >> we inherited a pretty bad hand, katie, but we've got some tough decisions ahead and we have to step up and do it. it breaks my heart. i know when my husband left office we had a balanced budget and a surplus. how the to look where we are given everything we've had to deal with, it's not an easy position to be in. but i have a lot of confidence that we are taking on these problems. we're not hiding from them and we're going to handle them, we're americans. we have to deal with both our economic security challenges and our national security challenges. >> couric: secretary of state hillary clinton, thank you so much. >> great to talk to you, katie. thank you. >> couric: now two different perspectives on u.s. policy in afghanistan from two marine corps veterans. that thannal fick served as an
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infantry officer in afghanistan and is now c.e.o. of the center for new american security. math you hoh served as a captain in iraq and later a foreign service officer in afghanistan. he quit the diplomatic post earlier this year in a dispute over administration policy. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. nate, you say you don't exalt in sending more troops to afghanistan but the u.s. has no choice. why? >> i do think that the united states has strategic national interests at stake in afghanistan and to pursue those interest and do what we need to do to protect the united states i agree with the broad contours of the president's new policy. >> couric: and matthew, you have said that the goal of making sure al qaeda doesn't regroup in afghanistan and launch another terrorist attack is a specious argument. why? >> it is. particularly since 2001 al qaeda has evolved into an organization that doesn't require physical ground or territory. it's an organization that's based on the internet.
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it does have leadership that is in sanctuary in pakistan, however, that leadership is primarily more figure heads right now. so the presence of large amounts of american ground troops in afghanistan doesn't have any effect on al qaeda's operations. >> couric: nate, what do you make of that? is this a 20th century strategy for a 21st-century problem? >> i actually agree with everything matthew said in the sense that adding forces in afghanistan is in sufficient. but where we disagree, i think, is in my belief that space, in fact, does matter and that the internet, say, or a cafe in berlin can be used to recruit, it can be used to persuade, but if you're planning and training to conduct large-scale operations, mumbai-style operations or 9/11-style operations, space actually does matter. physical space matters. in the most hospitable place in the world for this group right now is the border region of afghanistan and pakistan.
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>> couric: president obama has been criticized for announcing a withdrawal date of the summer of 2011, at least to start withdrawing troops. do you think that as john mccain said sends the wrong message to our friends and our enemies? >> katie, i had a great men ngor the marine corps who was in beirut in 1983. he said that when you start giving timelines, if that timeline is too long, then your enemy will drive you out. and if the timeline is shoot too short, then your enemy will wait you out. i've never been involved in any sort of negotiation that benefited from telling my adversary across the table when i was ready to quit. >> if we give them a date that we're going to withdraw, then the karzai regime will have to negotiate with the taliban. but that's why i'm arguing for us to negotiate with the taliban right now, engage them right now and get them to the table so we can get some type of settlement so we're not here talking about this in 2012, 2013 after x amount more dead. >> couric: nate fick and matthew hoh, gentlemen, thanks so much for your perspective tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you.
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>> pleasure to be here, thanks. >> couric: and coming up next here on the "cbs evening news," the police close the case, but the story's not over. tiger woods' apology and the message he reportedly left on a cell phone. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ from l.l. bean. this holiday, do you really want to cut corners by using a broth with msg?
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>> couric: he may be near perfect on the golf course but today tiger woods acknowledged he's far short of perfect in his personal life and he offered what he called a profound apology for his transgressions. more now from randall pinkston. >> reporter: a day after investigators closed the case on his car accident, tiger woods opened up about his own behavior and tabloid allegations of infidelity. on his web site he wrote: without admitting he had strayed woods confessed to "transgressions" after reports linking him to various women. overnight, a 24-year-old cocktail waitress who claimed an intimate relationship with woods released a voice mail she says is from the golfer. >> hey, it's tiger, my wife went through my phone and may be calling you. >> reporter: woods has cultivated an image as an intensely private family man and husband. >> i have found a life partner, a best friend.
7:18 pm
it's been incredible for me. >> reporter: today, woods said "i am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. those feelings should be shared by us alone." today investigators released more information about the car accident that opened the door to woods' private life. the accident report shows him jumping the median, swerving back across the road and into a fire hydrant and a tree. woods has not said why he left home at 2:30 in the morning but today called speculation about a physical fight with his wife utterly false and malicious. woods insisted personal sins should not require press releases and public confessions. so far, the majority of sponsors including nike, gatorade and gillette who pay woods close to $100 million a year say they are all standing with tiger. >> it's wonderful his sponsors have come out and said such going things. more importantly, what are they going to be saying in two weeks or three weeks or a month from
7:19 pm
now? that's what's really key. >> reporter: woods can count some cost, $164 for the traffic ticket, $3,000 for damage to public property. what he doesn't know is how much it will cost his reputation. randall pinkston, cbs news, orlando. >> reporter: meanwhile, an intriguing home movie has surface of marilyn monroe. the anonymous photographer told riters the cigarette the woman is smoking contained marijuana and the pot belonged to the photographer. the film from the late '50s was recently purchased by a collect for $275,000. coming up next, they were in the hot seat on capitol hill today but the panel that recommended women wait until 50 to get a mammogram is not backing down. by changing her medicare prescription plan. all we had to do was go to and use the free savings calculator. we learned that changing your medicare part d plan could save an average of $612. woman: we just entered my prescriptions, and it compared plans for us. it was easy to find the right plan for the prescriptions i need.
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>> couric: remember those new federal guidelines for mammograms that caused so much anger and confusion? well, congress certainly didn't forget, and today nancy cordes tells us the task force that came up with the changes was& forced to explain them. >> reporter: sticking carefully to the script, the lead doctors behind controversial new mammogram recommendations issued a mea culpa. >> we communicated very poorly. >> we recognize the communication of what the recommendations say was poor. >> reporter: but for many lawmakers, it wasn't just the communication that fell short. >> to me it's sending the wrong message to women. it's saying "you don't have to be vigilant." >> reporter: still, the government-appointed task force is holding firm on its recommendation that most women
7:23 pm
should not get regular mammograms until the age of 50. advice many doctors are ignoring. >> so continue annually? >> that's what we recommend. >> reporter: is there anything that this panel could say that would convince you that women should wait until 50 to get mammograms? >> it would be very difficult. i think they should listen too the women under 50 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. >> reporter: the task force leaders insisted the frequency of false positives among younger women who get mammograms leads to unnecessary surgery. they admitted there were no cancer specialists on their panel and were pressed to explain another contentious recommendation regarding breast self-exams. >> the task force recommended against clinicians teaching women breast self-examination. they did not recommend that women not pay attention to their bodies. >> how are women supposed to get that knowledge if they can't just get it by intuition? >> reporter: lawmakers and
7:24 pm
doctors worry that insurance companies will use the new guidelines to justify reductions in mammogram coverage. >> wait until that insurance company comes out and says "well we based it on this task force, a government task force recommendation says i don't have to pay for mammography for a woman between the ages of 40 and 49." >> reporter: the task force says its guidelines have been miscon screwed and that women under 50 shouldn't automatically skip mammograms but instead should decide with their doctor. nancy cordes, cbs news, capitol hill. >> couric: up next, a fish story.
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>> couric: the midwest is being invaded by asian carp and tonight dean reynolds tells us illinois is taking a doos i can step, poisoning a canal to keep them out of lake michigan. >> reporter: the asian carp is a 40 to 80-pound leviathan that consumes 40 to 80% of its weight everyday and it's now a short swim from lake michigan. it spawns three times a year and has no noun predators. it devour it is plankton and algae vital to other fish, including the perch and salmon of the great lakes, threatening a $7 billion fishing industry. >> and once they're here, there's no stopping them. >> reporter: the carp's journey began in the 1970s when it was imported from china to clean southern fish hatcheries of
7:28 pm
algae but floods in president 1990s swept them into the mississippi and its tributaries including the illinois and the shipping canal that connects that river to lake michigan. their signature jumping style has gotten a lot of grins on youtube. >> ow! >> reporter: but colonel vincent quarrels of the army corps of engineers isn't laughing. >> you think the carp is one mile from here? >> we have positive results from environmental d.n.a. one mile from this location downstream. >> reporter: quarrels mans a $10 million effort to stop the carp in the canal with two underwater electrical barriers. but with mixed results. the asian carp's progress has been inexorable and anything man has done to deter it has at most only delayed it. tonight, the next step. temporarily poisoning the canal to kill the carp. these fish will have to be sacrificed, it's reasoned, so the great lakes can survive. dean reynolds, cbs news, romeoville, illinois.
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>> couric: and that's the "cbs evening news," i'm katie couric. thank you for watching. i'll see you tomorrow. for the latest news online, you can go to good night. captioning sponsored by cbs


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